Ocufolin® Forte


Ocufolin® forte is the most comprehensive ocular dietary supplement available.

Scientific research shows that this unique formula can help maintain normal vision, protect cells from oxidative stress and support normal homocysteine metabolism in the eye.

  • The only supplement to contain L-Methylfolate calcium, the active, bioavailable form of folic acid.
  • The only supplement to be classed as a food for special medical purposes by the British Specialist Nutrition Association.
  • 90 capsules per box.
  • Take one capsule every day.

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Ocufolin® forte is a dietary supplement developed and successfully recommended by ophthalmologists for several years.

The Science

Extensive long-term Age-Related Eye Disease Studies (AREDS 1 & 2) with thousands of patients, evidenced the positive effect of minerals such as zinc and copper, vitamins C and E as well as Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Additionally, the benefits of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12) and Vitamin D were also established in large-scale studies. Ocufolin® forte provides all of these vitamins and minerals.

Recent studies show that AMD, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma are caused by a reduced microcirculation, which leads to a B-vitamin disorder and increased homocysteine levels in the blood. Experts recommend this significantly higher requirement of nutrients should be addressed with a suitable nutrient combination and thus lowering the homocysteine level. Ocufolin® forte is currently the only ocular dietary supplement containing L-Methylfolate calcium, in addition to the ingredients tested in the Age-Related Eye Disease Studies (ARED). L-Methylfolate calcium is the active, bioavailable form of folic acid delivering active folate to the retina.

Recommended intake

One capsule per day taken with water or juice, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Important information

  • Ocufolin® is not a medical product.
  • Food for special medical purposes may be used under medical supervision only.
  • Suitable as a partial source of nutrition.
  • Do not take during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding as no controlled studies in pregnant and breast-feeding women are available.
  • Store in a cool (max. 25°C ) dry place, out of light and out of the reach of children.
  • This product is not for children.
  • Information for diabetics: 1 capsule contains 0.02 carbohydrate units (2 carbohydrate units per 100g).
  • Does not contain ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).



The specific nutrient combination in Ocufolin® forte can reduce the homocysteine level in patients with chronic eye diseases, combined with a reduced microcirculation.

Nutritional Information (average) per capsule     per 100 g
Energy 20.6 kJ / 5.0 kcal 2054 kJ / 495 kcal
Fat 380.8 mg 38 g
Saturated Fatty Acids 60 mg 5.8 g
Carbohydrates 200.4 mg 20 g
Of which Sugar 24 mg 2.4 g
Protein 290.6 mg 29 g
Salt 0.5 mg 0.05 g

List of Ingredients: Quantity per capsule Quantity per 100 g
Vitamin D3 37.5 μg 0.004 g
Vitamin E 5 mg 0.5 g
Vitamin C 45 mg 4.5 g
Vitamin B1 1.5 mg 0.15 g
Vitamin B2 10 mg 1.0 g
Vitamin B6 3 mg 0.3 g
L-methyl folate calcium 900 μg 0.09 g
Vitamin B12 500 μg 0.05 g
Pantothenic acid 5 mg 0.5 g
Zinc 25 mg 2.5 g
Selenium 20 μg 0.002 g
Copper 0.667 mg 0.067 g
Lutein 10 mg 1.0 g
Zeaxanthin 2 mg 0.19 g
N-Acetyl-L-cystein 180 mg 17.9 g

Content: 90 Capsules = 84.2g / 1 Capsule = 935.0 mg


Soya oils and -fats, partially hardened; N-acetyl-L-cysteine; gelatine; zinc oxide; Humectants: glycerin, sorbitol; calcium L-ascorbate; tagetes erecta oil extract (safflower oil); riboflavin; D-α-tocopherol; D-pantothenate calcium; pyridoxal-5′-phosphate; cupric gluconate; L-Selenomethionine; thiamin mononitrate; cholecalciferol; L-methyl folate calcium; methylcobalamin; natural orange flavour; Stabilizer: beeswax; Emulsifier: soyalecithin; Colourants: titanium dioxide, copper complexes of chlorophyllins.